HKD T 06 D

For processing non-flowable, highly viscous media. Uniform mixing is based on intensive processing by means of wide-bladed kneading elements. The kneading medium is moved within the trough both horizontally and vertically. Additional media quantities may be added during the kneading operation.
- The double-walled kneading chamber allows cooling or heating of the product
- The product temperature may be measured directly   behind the kneading blades
- Trough can easily be removed
- Kneading blades can easily be removed
- Short kneading time
- The narrow gap between the kneading blades and trough wall ensures efficient wipe-off
- Standard version equipped for vacuum operation
- Trough cover with inspection glass and safety screen
- Optional with torque measuring

HKD T 06 D Kneading
Data Sheet
Data Sheet